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トライオン馬術世界選手権・パラ馬術、中村公子&D Jazz Fが日本史上初メダル! WEG2018: Nakamura Wins First Medal for Japan



Tomoko Nakamura &DJazz F-Bronze GV Freestyle WEG 2018 (Photo: Meghan Benge)
Tomoko Nakamura &DJazz F-Bronze GV Freestyle WEG 2018
(Photo: Meghan Benge)

Tomoko Nakamura/Bronze: WEG 2018 Freestyle (horse: D Jazz F) (Photo: Meghan Benge)
Tomoko Nakamura/Bronze: WEG 2018 Freestyle (horse: D Jazz F) (Photo: Meghan Benge)

FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon USA  Bronze medalist Tomoko Nakamura on Djazz F (Photo FEI/Liz Gregg)
FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon USA Bronze medalist Tomoko Nakamura on Djazz F
(Photo FEI/Liz Gregg)


フリースタイルは、音楽に合わせた演技。規定運動項目を自由に、定められた時間内にアレンジした経路を作成。審査は規定運動項目それぞれと、 人馬の調和、リズム、技術力、振り付け、音楽・音楽の解釈について、採点される。



中村公子選手&D JazzF(10歳 / セン / KWPN)が登場したのは第2競技グレードV、2番手。前半、「君の瞳に恋してる」(フランキー・ヴァリー)に乗せてスムーズな演技。ダンシング・クィーン(アバ)のリズムに合わせてハーフパス、そして活気ある駈歩。後半も順当に大きなミスなく演技を終了。

続くフランスのコンビ・Estelle Guillet&Magic Des Meuyrattes(9歳/ セン / CH )は総合得点65.600 %を獲得する演技。中村のスコアには及ばず。

中村&DJAZZFが暫定1位のまま、4番手にSophie Wells&C Fatal Attraction、個人金・団体銀メダリストが登場。Tom Hunt氏(https://www.tomhuntmusic.com/)作曲のオリジナルの音楽で鮮やかな演出。規定以上で認められている項目もいくつか含めた高度な演技で、総合得点80.755 %%。ドイツのE審が音楽・音楽の解釈に10点満点をつけるなど、技術と芸術ともにチャンピオンらしい圧巻の演技を披露した。

残るは3人馬。続く個人戦4位・ベルギーのCiska Vermeulen & Rohmeo (16歳 / セン)は、総合得点71.045%で中村に及ばず。

次に登場したのは、個人戦銀メダリスト・オランダのFrank Hosmar &Alphaville N.O.P.(13歳 / セン / KWPN)。他の選手が速歩(はやあし)運動から始めていたところを最初から勢いよく駈歩(かけあし)運動でスタート。ハーフパスやシンプルチェンジも音楽とタイミングのあった正確な演技。観客が息をのむ中、発表されたスコアはわずかにSophie選手に届かず、総合得点79.155%。この時点で銀メダルの位置に入り、中村は3位に後退。最終演技コンビにメダルの行方はかかった。

最後は個人戦銅メダリスト・ドイツのRegine Mispelkamp&Look At Me Now (12歳/セン)。
入場にフィル・コリンズの曲より「Take a look at me now」という、馬名の入った歌詞の個所を採用。観客と審判を演技に引き込んだ。音楽はエド・シーランやPinkの曲などのリミックス。
各規定項目の平均をみると、16項目中10項目で中村が上、観察項目については、振り付け、音楽・音楽の解釈はReginaが上回ったものの、人馬の調和、リズム、技術力審判は中村が上に立った。結果、審判のうち5人中4人のスコアがRegineを上回る。Regineの総合点は72.960 %、ここで中村の銅メダルが確定した。中村にとって、これは2016年7月にクラブ内の事故で骨折して以来、懸命のリハビリを重ねての結果。





国体や中村選手の近況情報は、公式応援サイトDream Team TONKOに掲載



FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon USA  Gold went to Sophie Wells GBR, Silver to Frank Hosmar NL and Bronze to Tomoko Nakamura JP (Photo FEI/Liz Gregg)
FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon USA Gold went to Sophie Wells GBR,
Silver to Frank Hosmar NL and Bronze to Tomoko Nakamura JP
(Photo FEI/Liz Gregg)

Tryon World Equestrian Games: Nakamura&D Jazz F Win the First Medal for Japan

September 21, 2018

TRYON, NC, USA – September 21, 2018 :
After an exciting 4 days of individual and team competitions, Para-dressage competition wrapped up on this day with the Freestyle portion of the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 (Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC)).

The freestyle is a test which is ridden to music. Riders create an original test which arrange compulsory movements within a set amount of time. Judging is based on how the combination performs on the technical level of the compulsory movements along with the artistic marks which contain the following: (Rhythm, energy, elasticity)(Harmony) (Riding Skills)(Choreography) (Music and interpretation of music).

(See below for test requirement details)
FEI Website https://inside.fei.org/system/files/2017%20Grade%20V%20FREESTYLE_0.pdf

Tomoko Nakamura &D JazzF (10y./G/KWPN) were the 2nd to go in Grade V, the second competition of the day. The combination started dancing to an instrumental version of “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You”(Frankie Valli). Then went on to a rhythmical half pass to the music of Abba’s “Dancing Queen”, followed by an energetic canter sequence. The combination wrapped up their test with minimal mistakes and achieved an average score for technical of 72.40%, and an average score for artistic of 74.68%, resulting in a combined score of 73.540%.

The next combination to go,Estelle Guillet&Magic Des Meuyrattes(9y./ G / CH )scored 65.600 % but did not surpass Nakamura.

Still with Nakamura& DJazz F on top, Sophie Wells&C Fatal Attraction(Individual Gold medal) performed 4th. Dancing to an original number by Tom Hunt(https://www.tomhuntmusic.com/) and including some higher technical movements, the combination scored 80.755%. Including a 10 from the German E judge for Music and interpretation of music, they showed a performance that showed the strengths of a champion both technically and artistically.

At this point, 3 combinations remained. The next up were the Belgian combination (Individual 4th place) Ciska Vermeulen & Rohmeo (16y. / G). They scored 71.045%, which still kept Nakamura within the medals.

Next was Frank Hosmar &Alphaville N.O.P.(13y. / G / KWPN)(Individual Silver medal) from the Netherlands. Where most combinations started their ride at the trot, Hosmar chose to start with the energetic canter movements. Performing high level half passes and simple changes on the music, Hosmar & Alphaville finished strongly. As the stadium awaited the scores, they were announced, with a result of 79.155%, just behind the top score and falling into silver medal position.
This put Nakamura in 3rd place, and it was left to the last combination to determine the bronze medal winner.

The last performance for the Grade V group was by the German combination, Regine Mispelkamp &Look At Me Now (12y./G) (Individual Bronze). Making a strong entry to the lyrics including the horse’s name , “Take a look at me now” from the Phil Collins’ song, the combination captured the audience. As they continued, they danced to a remix of Ed Sheeran and Pink songs.

Looking at the average scores of the technical portions, Nakamura was ahead on 10 out o f 16. For the overall scores, Regina’s musical interpretation scores were higher, but for the rest Nakamura was on top. As a result, with 4 out of 5 judges putting Nakamura ahead, her overall score was higher than Regina’s 72.960 %. At this time, Nakamura became the bronze medalist. This was a great achievement, knowing that Nakamura, who was a dressage rider prior, had suffered a fracture in July 2016 and worked hard in rehabilitation programs to ride again.

This bronze medal was the first and long awaited medal for Japan through both the Paralympics and World Championships. A delightful step forward towards 2020 when Tokyo will host the next Paralympic games.

Nakamura will keep going upon her return to Japan. She will be competing as a part of the Nara prefecture equestrian team at the National Athletics Meet on October 2. She will try to defend her title from last year in Ehime where she made her come back to horse sport and became champion. There is a lot ahead for Nakamura to come, aiming to be a part of the 2020 team.

The 73rd National Athletics Meet/Fukui Shiawase Genki Kokutai 2018 (Gotemba Sports Center). Women’s Dressage will be held from 9AM on 10/2 (Tues). Nakamura & Pacific B will be performing last.
Starting List (Japanese):

Meghan Benge/Photographer http://www.meghanbenge.com/
Tryon World Equestrian Games Media Center Team

(校正 望月芳子)